About us

Who we are

We are a strong partnership and based on a wide expertise and experience our main objective within ’’ALL IN: Effective Linguistic and Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe’’ is to enable immigrants and refugees to develop their intercultural and people skills as they improve their language abilities.

The ALL IN Project is an innovative Erasmus+ Project focusing on the effective linguistic and cultural integration of refugees and immigrants into Europe. Currently, there is still a significant gap between the aspirations of policy professions and the reality of integration.

ALL IN aims to build bridges to overcome this gap by offering innovative solutions in key areas. Central to the ALL IN project is the view that successful social inclusion requires the engagement of both members of the host society as well as the efforts from immigrants and refugees to achieve long-term results and benefits for all.

What we do

Through this project we will develop and provide relevant and engaging educational material providing real insights and practical tools for living in a new environment, alongside teacher training to support educators in the culture and language sector to support immigrants and refugees with new skills.


Language educators, educational leaders and support staff will extend their competences in supporting the social inclusion of immigrants and refugees through language, civic and intercultural learning and will be able to motivate immigrant and refugee adults as well as adults from the host society to take an active part in the inclusion process.

How we do

This project aims to strengthen the link between the improvement of the linguistic knowledge of immigrant and refugee students, their cultural knowledge and their communicative skills. We will work also with innovative methods and teacher training and material creation. Language and cultural training materials, tools and teacher training are only the beginning of this promising and innovative project.


The developed material will be available as Open Educational Resources to enhance the impact of our goals. In the long term ALL IN aims to create new consciousness about the need to broaden and deepen integration activity, helping to suppress discrimination, racism and hate speech with the involvement of both host society and migrants in the inclusion process.

About ALL IN Project


  • Enable immigrants and refugees to develop their intercultural and people skills as they improve their language abilities;
  • Provide practical tools to educators, educational leaders and support staff to include effective social inclusion into the language courses for refugees and immigrants;
  • Provide practical tools and activities that will help both adult immigrant and refugee language students as well as members of the host society to create ownership of shared cultural values;
  • Create tools that will increase the demand and take-up of language and inclusion courses amongst adult immigrants and refugees with low literacy in the host language;
  • Create tools and awareness for continuous integration development of adult immigrants and refugees (the process never stops);
  • Strengthen professional development of educators, educational leaders and support staff in soft skills and dealing with cultural and linguistic diversity of refugees and (im)migrants etc.