Language competence is a key element in social inclusion and integration of migrants and refugees. Sensitivity towards the specific needs of immigrants and refugee students, as well as adaptability to fulfill those needs are the core of the training course. Effective and inclusive communication is about understanding the other person and culture. The project consortium will develop a corpus of 20 specific training pills and training tools in order to facilitate L2 teachers’ acquirement of the adapted skills to being able to adapt their classes, in both content as well as the way it is delivered.


Click and download the final version of the Train the L2 Trainer


The ALL IN MANUAL will be an asset for L2 teachers, academic managers and other stakeholders that are involved in language and culture integration courses. The manual will be dedicated to the integration of members of the host society in the social inclusion process of immigrants and refugees. The ALL IN MANUAL will contain 20 practical activities that the teachers and other stakeholders can use during their language courses which will help their immigrant and refugee students. The manual will include activities and guidelines to how to effective build bridges between the immigrant students in their institution and the host society.


Click and download the final version of the ALL IN Manual

True stories will help to increase demand and take up by immigrants of language & culture inclusion courses as they can learn from others who have gone through the same process. A series of 24 short documentaries will be produced by the project partnership, gathered on a specifically created YouTube channel that will tell not only success stories of ALL IN integration and how these immigrant have achieved it, but also stories of those who have not (yet) achieved ALL IN integration and what they believe the reasons for it may be.



  • 10 Training Pils

  • 10 Activities

  • 20 Practical Tools

  • 24 Video Documentaries