The project consortium is composed of 6 organisations from 5 different EU countries (GERMANY, SPAIN, AUSTRIA, SWEDEN and ROMANIA) and includes cooperation between new and old European Member states. With backgrounds in language teaching, intercultural and soft skills training, teacher training, immigration and refugee educational programmes, and training material development, this dream team of experienced practitioners is looking forward to successful European project cooperation.

Kirchner Management GmbH (DE)

Since 2009, Kirchner Management GmbH has played a significant role in the training and development of teachers from the secondary and tertiary sector in Germany. We offer high-quality training solutions for teachers based in Germany who wish to improve their skills abroad, primarily in the UK and Malta.

Kirchner Management has huge experience of analysing needs of teachers in Germany and is one of the organisations actively promoting soft skills training and training for language teachers and university staff involved in designing intercultural and language programmes for migrants.

Kirchner Management is uniquely positioned in the German market to provide a deep understanding of the needs and contexts of teachers and academic staff in Germany. We can draw from partnerships and long-lasting relationships from the past 10 years in over 50 adult education institutions in Germany.


SwIdeas AB is an entrepreneurial multi-cultural organization with a focus on community- and business development. Its operations and projects are mostly within the spheres of entrepreneurship, CSR and social development for sustainable and better impact. We collaborate with our partners on consolidating policies to support bold and innovative solutions that address root causes and advance a desired change.


Founded in 2013, SwIdeas is a value-driven organization that believes in sustainability, diversity, collaboration and added-value. Our contribution is to give a hand; to strengthen the rule of law, respect human rights, promote diversity in culture and diversity of opinions.


GROWTH is a recent organization but its members have a long experience in Training and European Projects. The legal form of this organization is a Cooperative and the legal status is a non-profit organization. We are a training provider, offering a range of management training courses.

GROWTH is an organization that design and deliver quality training solutions to enhance team potential and develop new skills. The main objective of GROWCOOP is to bring new ideas with a high significant impact in organizations and therefore having a great impact in our society. We look for new solutions focus in people.

Babel Idiomas (ES)

Babel Idiomas was born in 1999 as a small private language school. Since then, the school has grown into a well known and highly respected language training institution in Spain with currently 3 centres. We provide language training in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian to students of all ages. We work with an international staff who have personal experiences with social inclusion in various EU countries.

Currently, we have team members from 12 different nationalities. This provides us with an international spirit and gives us the opportunity to constantly learn from different cultures and different views. Many of those students are either immigrants living in Spain (both from EU as well as non EU-countries) or Spanish citizens wanting to move abroad and start a life in a different country of the EU.

Verein Multikulturell (AT)

Verein Multikulturell is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 1993. The organization’s main objectives are to promote professional, social and cultural inclusion of migrants and it aims to enhance intercultural dialogue and education.

Due to its many years of activity in the field of refugees and migrants and its 23 years of existence, Verein Multikulturell has good connections to the Tyrolean institutions for the care of minor refugees and to the child and youth welfare services of the state of Tyrol. Similarly, Verein Multikulturell can refer to proven contacts in the field of education and public administration, both in Innsbruck and in the Tyrolean districts.


Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente is a Romanian NGO that works in Lifelong Learning since 2005. CPIP is committed to mainstreaming the principle of equal opportunities for all citizens in the public policies and associated practices, as an integral part of democratization and the creation of an open society, to re-define the status of community co-production in all areas related to lifelong learning. We support initiatives and run programs and projects that aim at cooperating and innovating for good practices in this field.

This is done by taking part at diverse European initiatives and then mainstreaming in the regional activities the developed products and results. Our organization supports initiatives and runs programs and projects that aim at cooperating and innovating for good practices. CPIP‘s main objective is to promote the lifelong learning through all relevant stakeholders.